Saturday, September 8, 2012

Martens Progress Zumbathon

The 1st September marked the day of the Martens Progress zumbathon, and I think everyone was really looking forward to this one after the amazing day we had at the Radio Lollipop zumbathon, and I'm happy to say that it absolutely didn't disappoint! The money was being raised for Marten, a 20 month old boy from Kilbarchan, who has cerebal palsy, and has to fly to Belgium to receive ABR treatment, as its not available in this country. You can read more about Marten's story, and donate a few pounds to him here: Marten's Progress Firstly and most importantly, thanks should be given to Gemma McNaughton for organising this amazing event, Gemma is always fundraising, and does such a great job of making these events a success. Gemma with Marten:
And further thanks to all the instructors on the day who were all absolutely fantastic! L-R Claire, Andy, Pamela, Gemma, Lindsey, Rebecca, Cheryl
And obviously a huge round of applause to all the people who participated! Especially those that lasted the full 3 hours!
What an amazing turn out!

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