Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When madness hits...

... its usually involving Erica. This time was no exception, she turned up with her new pink hair, and a matching hand! (pink hand not pictured)

I decided to invite Caroline (starsgoblue) along too. I've wanted to work with Caroline for ages, and she's just uber lovely.

Erica came with our friend Lisa who had never been infront of a camera before.

So we had a night of haribo, pringles, torturing children and annoying neighbours!

Shooting on Saturday with Claire who was the first person I shot, so should be interesting to see if I've improved.

Then the next Saturday I'm shooting with a model from Purestorm.

Then the next weekend I have the wonderful Ely coming to stay for the weekend.

Then fizzy!

Then a group shoot I organised, so a busy couple of months shooting wise!


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