Thursday, January 20, 2011

Networking night

Well I finally made it along to my first networking night, its only been 10 months since I first said I would go.

I went along with Ian Coyle. It was quite a pleasant evening. Was nice to meet those that I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting before, most notiably Barrie Spence, who is not only a thoroughly lovely man but has a printed portfolio that's so good it almost made me weep.

Its a shame I won't be able to attend every month, but I will try and not make it 10 more months.

Anyway, I took a few snaps... they look a little something like this...

The lovely Caroline

Alanna (who kept protesting that she's not a model, but a chaperone)

Marc, my first male model.

So, yeah, good night but went on way past my bedtime.

Camera club tommorrow, and a shoot with a girl from purestorm on Saturday.

Fun times.

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